Insider’s Guide to NFL Week 2, 2023: Predictions and Top Bets, Falcons Shine as Underdogs, Patriots Stifle Dolphins Offense

Insider's Guide to NFL Week 2, 2023: Predictions and Top Bets, Falcons Shine as Underdogs, Patriots Stifle Dolphins Offense
Last week my best bets landed here and they weren’t great. I was so disappointed that I considered quitting football and becoming the world’s only Taylor Swift reporter, a job you can apply for now. Considering that most Swifties will not have covered Kelce for the NFL if T Swift does end up dating Travis Kelce, I have an advantage over other applicants.
Does the application for this job ask for your favorite song? This will sound weirdly f–king beautiful, but mine is “Snow on the Beach” … and it’s not even close.
Are you supposed to incorporate Taylor Swift-related lyrics into your writing? Are you allowed to attend every Taylor Swift concert?
You can get your first month for $1 if you use promo code “PICK” to get more of my picks for the week over at SportsLine. Watch Brinson vs. The Coach on CBS Sports Network every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. ET for the podcast picks battle.
Insider's Guide to NFL Week 2, 2023: Predictions and Top Bets, Falcons Shine as Underdogs, Patriots Stifle Dolphins Offense
Insider’s Guide to NFL Week 2, 2023: Predictions and Top Bets, Falcons Shine as Underdogs, Patriots Stifle Dolphins Offense
My goal is to bounce back well enough this week to not rely on landing this Taylor Swift gig. Let’s stare Week 1 in the face, shake it off and get hot in Week 2.
Falcons (+1.5) vs. Packers
It was evident last week that the Atlanta defense is a lot better than I had initially anticipated. Although the Falcons faced weak offensive line and a freshman quarterback, the Packers had succeeded against Chicago, though this might be much tougher of a defensive test. Desmond Ridder may not completely shock the Packers’ secondary; his last interception-less game dates back to December of last year. In addition, I don’t imagine Atlanta would give up running like Chicago did with Justin Fields making 37 pass attempts. Robinson and Allgeier are two powerhouses in the backfield to support an imposing run-blocking offensive line. So, it is safe to just take the moneyline in this close one!
Check out Sportsline’s model here, which shows one side of the spread cashes in well over 50% of simulations on this game’s point total.
Patriots (+2.5) vs. Dolphins (‘SNF’)
This AFC East rivalry has seen less conflict than the Patriots and Jets, but the end of Monday night’s game — when Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury — was a game-changer for 2023. Bill Belichick and Mike McDaniel fully realise that the Jets’ loss grant an opportunity to the other teams in their Division and Conference. New England lost to Philadelphia by five points in Week 1, but two costly turnovers prevented them from winning. Their defense is reliable, putting Belichick’s tactical ability on show. Miami did not handle Mac Jones or the Chargers’ running game too well last week – in contrast to New England’s record against them last year, having held them to 21 points or less both times they met. I think it would be unwise to go against the Patriots here.
Colts (-1.5) at Texans
The Colts were unable to win against Houston last year, but the final week of the season allowed Indy to get Anthony Richardson and move Houston down from first place. This potential victory is even more rewarding than getting revenge. Richardson was injured in a previous game, but he would have played if it had been a crucial match. If he remains healthy for the remainder of the season his effect on the offense could make him qualify for Offensive Rookie of the Year awards, similar to Cam Newton’s success in 2011. The strength and capabilities of Indianapolis’ coaching staff along with Richardson’s abilities may be able to prevent costly errors; a task which is deemed more possible than having Stroud do so for Houston.

Bills (-9.5) vs Raiders
On Monday night Josh Allen seemed to have a mental block, and made some ill-advised deep passes against a defense that has been difficult for him over the last several weeks. He has yet to address the problems from last year and Week 1, but will be more motivated in his home opener due to the Raiders not being quite as strong defensively as the Jets were. On the other side, Jakobi Meyers is still in concussion protocol and Davante Adams missed practice on Wednesday – though both may make it back – but may severely limit the Raiders’ offense if they don’t. With this line only double digits instead of being higher, it could’ve, should’ve or would’ve changed had Bills performed better in Week 1 against another team.

Panthers (+3) vs. Saints (‘MNF’)
I wasn’t positive when I knew my Week 1 Panthers pick was doomed, but it may have been when their running game completely collapsed and only led them to a field goal. It’s uncertain how well they’ll be able to run against the Saints since Tennessee and Derrick Henry had difficulty on the ground last week. However, Carolina’s offensive line should be more productive than Tennessee’s, which gives them a chance for success. New Orleans has an impressive defense, but it doesn’t seem likely Bryce Young will repeat his errors from the past two weeks either. In fact, 10 of the 16 points scored by the Saints against Tennessee were due to drives that began with turnovers in Titans territory. The Panthers defense performed well last Sunday, and Young is going up against a division rival on Monday Night Football in his first start. These factors could mean Frank Reich favorably assists his Carolina offense and the sparks could fly!

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