Packers Surrender Lead to Falcons, Resulting in a 25-24 Loss

Falcons vs Packers
In the fourth quarter, Atlanta was spectacular to earn the victory after dillydallying and making mistakes.
Even though the Falcons won the first game against the Panthers handily, there were clear lessons they could learn. It was a team that needed to figure out how to start fast, how to get Desmond Ridder comfortable and making smart decisions with the ball, how to rely on the run when pass protection was weak, and how not to waste opportunities to make big tackles and create pressure. The players had all that, but it didn’t translate in Week 2.
To be frank, the Falcons failed to win this week due in part to the mistakes they had made against the Panthers. These blunders were much more costly this time around, as they were up against more disciplined and talented opponents. In addition, their attempts at driving on offense were hindered by horrific passes, porous pass protection and a lack of trust in their running game with it being necessary. On defense, penalties occurred too often, there was miscommunication which resulted in major scores for their opponents and open field tackles went astray. Surprisingly enough, even extra points were missed.
Falcons vs Packers
Falcons vs Packers
Things were far from ideal heading into the fourth quarter, with the Falcons 12 points behind. But, Atlanta showed a lot of grit; they kept the Packers off the board and put together two big drives to put 13 points on the board. Bijan Robinson was relied upon to seal the deal, which he did as the Falcons secured a dramatic one-point victory for their second win in succession. Despite some sloppiness earlier in the game, they managed an impressive turnaround.
It’s difficult to overstate the impact of this newfound success in Atlanta after watching them squander leads in the fourth quarter so many times in the past. With Ridder getting better and better as the game progresses, and the line and defense both rising to meet the challenge of higher stakes, they’re proving that their rightful place is as one of the NFC’s elite. Of course, it helped that Packers were missing some important players on Sunday. The Falcons had some key injuries too yet still manage to win both games despite not playing particularly well for six of eight quarters. Let me just acknowledge what a tremendous feat this is considering how many obstacles there have been along their journey thus far.
Here’s the full drive-by-drive recap of the game you just watched.

Quarter 1

The Packers started on offense. Their first play was a fake handoff that turned into a flea flicker with Jordan Love throwing it downfield. A.J. Terrell was called for pass interference, and then A.J. Dillon gained three yards before Love passed to Luke Musgrave who didn’t even look up. The drive suffered a set back when the Packers got called for false start, and after that Love’s pass was knocked away by David Onyemata before hitting the ground. Green Bay was penalized another five yards for delay of game, ultimately having to punt the ball away.
Drake London gained nine yards after the catch. Bijan Robinson gained seven yards on the next carry to pick up a first down, and then Desmond Ridder threw an interception. Green Bay ball.
Kaden Elliss then blew into the backfield untouched and sacked Love for an 11-yard loss, forcing a punt. Nate Landman then got a tackle for a loss on Patrick Taylor.
Robinson picked up about four yards on his first attempt, before Ridder’s pass to him fell incomplete. Subsequently, Smith was the recipient of a swift pass over the middle that resulted in a first down and beyond. Allgeier brought in two yards by his first carry before notching another first-down with his next one. The quarterback then threw a bit too high for Pitts, before connecting with Smith on the sideline for seven yards. Ridder then scrambled up the middle for a first down followed by an eight yard pass to Pitts. He later tossed a swing pass to Robinson who earned yet another forward progress; this time closer to the end zone. Ridder then ran himself for an easy first down which led to a penalty giving them even better field position. The subsequent throw went out-of-bounds over Pitts’ head, resulting in second and goal. Robinson was just shy of scoring on his next try, while Ridder couldn’t locate anyone in the back of the end zone. In order to avoid any penalties, the Falcons opted for a field goal instead of going for it on fourth down and successfully put 3 points up on the board: Falcons 3-0.
Love hit Romeo Doubs for a first down over the middle of the field. Almost achieving a first down through considerable contact, Dillon was then stuffed hard on second down. Musgrave, however, got open and got a first down. Love missed an incompletion on first down. Love scrambled on third down and went all the way to the 20 yards.
Falcons vs Packers
Falcons vs Packers

Quarter 2

A.J. Terrell and Calais Campbell stuffed Dillon on first down, and then a strike to Musgrave gained eight yards. Dillon managed to get through, but he was caught just short of getting a first down. Green Bay got the new set of downs after the challenge was successful, and Love found Jayden Reed, who surged into the end zone to give the Packers their first lead of the game. 7-3 for the Packers.
Mike Hughes made the decision to bring it out and run for a gain of 17 yards. Lukas Van Ness quickly put an end to Ridder’s pass attempt by batting it away. Jake Matthews then committed an illegal hands to the face penalty, which added further setbacks for the Falcons. On the next play, Allgeier was hit with a loss of two yards on 1st and 18. Ridder attempted a scramble and managed to get six yards in response. He threw a successful ball to London on third down, picking up 22 yards and earning the first down. Impressively, Bijan Robinson followed up with a juke past two defenders for an easy first down pickup. Further trouble came when Ridder had to throw away with Kaleb McGary unable to hold onto him; he fell just four yards short of the target on third down. Finally, on fourth down, Ridder threw towards London who almost had his pass picked off but was luckily dropped.
Green Bay rolled into the second half with Dillon catching one for eight, gaining five yards and a first down, and picking up another five before a pass led to another first down. On his next carry, Wilson gained about seven yards, and a quick pass to his tight end resulted in another first down. A pair of quick passes picked up about four yards to set up a 3rd and 6 inside the 20, and a shot at the end zone hotly contested by A.J. Terrell resulted in an incompletion.
The first pass was to London which allowed them to gain six yards, this then gave Bijan the opportunity to run with lightning speed, picking up nine yards and a first down. Robinson had an impressive run for another first down and Mack Hollins added on the nine yards. Ridder connected with Pitts and had a rollout, gaining seven yards. Robinson grabbed two more on the next play, but Ridder’s third down sneak fell just short of the marker. On 4th and 1, Robinson picked up the yardage easily and stopped the clock running out of bounds. The winning touchdown came when Ridder threw a dart to Jonnu Smith inside three-yard line followed by him connecting with London in the endzone — leaving the score 10-9 Packers after Koo missed the extra point.

Quarter 3

From its own 25 yards, the Falcons tried to find MyCole Pruitt, but Pruitt was unable to get it, and the offense was penalized. On the next play, Ridder rolled out and threw one to London, but it went into the ground. On the next play, Ridder tried to throw it over the middle to Kyle Pitts, but it fell into the hands of a Packers defender, who dropped it. Punt.
In the first quarter, the Packers gained a first down through the air, but Dillon was stuffed after a yard. Love then hit Doubs on the sideline for a first down, a short out went for a yard to the tight end, and a run play to Wilson failed before a defensive holding call gave them five yards and a first down. Wicks shook off tackle attempts by two defenders and ran for a touchdown. 17-9 Packers.
Robinson capitalised on what could have been a futile attempt by someone else and made it into an easy first down. Then, with some well-timed blocking, a short pass to Jonnu Smith became the biggest gain. Allgeier surpassed the marker seven yards on his following carry before acquiring another fist down with six or seven more yards. He then broke through a tackle for yet another first down. Ridder had to abandon his play action plan on first down but Robinson got the job done next time out and gained the required amount of ground for the first. Hollins caught a pass in the back of the end zone but was deemed offside after review, leaving Allgeier’s second go pointless. The QB was sacked soon afterwards, prompting Koo to have a shot at goal – which he successfully slotted away – giving them the final score of 17-12.
Love took a deep shot to Doubs working against Tre Flowers, and Flowers was called for pass interference, giving the Packers a huge lead. A first down gain of eight yards led to Dillon picking up several yards. Jayden Reed scored an easy touchdown to put the Packers ahead by double figures. 24-12.
An encroachment call on the Packers led to a five yard gain and a first down, and Bijan Robinson then picked up a couple of yards. A Packers illegal use of hands call resulted in five yards and a first down on the next play when Ridder threw one along the sideline to Scotty Miller. Robinson ended the quarter with about seven yards.

Quarter 4

While Allgeier struggled on second down with a game effort, Ridder took advantage of some trickery on a flea flicker and threw it to Mack Hollins for a huge gain. Then Allgeier got a yard on first down, Robinson got nowhere, and London got six yards on a quick pass. Ridder faked the handoff to Robinson on fourth down, the Packers bit hard, and Ridder ran it in for a touchdown. 24-19 Packers won.
On first down, Love missed badly, and Dillon got only a few yards on second down. Love then tried Terrell on the next pass, and Terrell almost picked it off.
Allgeier made four yards on first down, before Bijan stepped in to take the second. Ridder then scrambled for a first down, hitting Ridder on the sideline for an even bigger gain. Robinson got close to nowhere on his first attempt, losing two yards. Fighting off pressure, Ridder evaded it and gained five yards via scramble. Hollins’ pass was just a little too far and despite their best effort, they could not bring themselves back up. Koo then hit the field goal try to achieve a 24-22 Packers victory.
After picking up about six yards on his first carry, Dillon failed to gain a first down on his next carry. On third down, Dillon came up just short again. The Packers had to punt after Love stumbled into his own center on fourth down, resulting in an offsides penalty.
Ridder’s first-down run of 23 yards set the tone for the Falcons, and they continued to advance downfield with Hollins accumulating 6 yards on second and Robinson picking up four on first. Allgeier grabbed three more after that to bring up fourth and inches, which Bijan Robinson picked up with ease. With Green Bay running out of timeouts, Allgeier then earned a few more tough yards on first and second before Robinson was held just short of a first down. Koo sealed the game with a field goal, final score 25-24 Falcons.
When Love missed the first down, he was hit by Arnold Ebiketie on the second down, and he threw a duck. On third down, he missed another pass to the sideline, and an illegal shift wiped out the first down catch. The Falcons won the game on fourth down after reviewing the pass.

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