Justin Fields of the Bears Attributes ‘ROBOTIC’ Play to Coaching

Bears' Justin Fields points to coaching for 'robotic' play

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields Reflects on Play Style and Coaching Influence

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields recently shared his perspective on his performance in a 27-17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, describing it as “robotic” and not representative of his usual style of play. Fields attributed this to the coaching he has received, suggesting it might be causing him to overthink during games.

Fields elaborated, stating that while he values the guidance and insights provided by coaches, he believes it’s crucial to strike a balance between absorbing information and playing freely. He emphasized the need to trust his preparation during the week and play instinctively during the game.


Bears' Justin Fields points to coaching for 'robotic' play
Bears’ Justin Fields points to coaching for ‘robotic’ play


In the Tampa Bay game, Fields had 16 completions out of 29 attempts, totaling 211 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. He also ran four times for a minimal gain of 3 yards, a departure from his usual rushing performance.

Fields expressed his determination to shift his approach and play more authentically in the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs. He plans to simplify his mindset, focus on playing instinctually, and return to the fundamentals of the game, aiming to recapture his natural style of play.

One aspect Fields emphasized was his need to trust his internal timing and instincts, particularly when it comes to staying in the pocket or making plays. He highlighted the importance of simplifying his thoughts during the game to make faster, effective decisions.

Fields had a conversation with the Bears coaching staff about his concerns, and he felt that they were receptive to his insights. Coach Matt Eberflus emphasized the desire for Fields to play with freedom and acknowledged the need for a balance between following guidance and playing instinctually.

Fields emphasized that voicing concerns and working together to improve is crucial for the team to overcome early season struggles. He clarified that he doesn’t blame the coaches or teammates for the challenges they face and emphasized collective responsibility for performance improvements.

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Fields also addressed the media, pointing out that his words were taken out of context, and clarified that he doesn’t blame the coaches or teammates for the team’s performance. He emphasized his commitment to playing better and taking personal responsibility for his game.

In terms of the team’s protection, starting left tackle Braxton Jones was placed on injured reserve due to a neck injury, impacting Fields’ offensive line. The Bears also made a quarterback roster change, releasing veteran Nathan Peterman and likely having rookie Tyson Bagent assume the backup role.


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