Alan Williams Steps Down as Defensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears

Alan Williams abruptly resigned as the Chicago Bears’ defensive coordinator, citing a desire to focus on his “health and family.”

Williams missed Chicago’s trip to Florida last Sunday, where the Bears were trounced 27-17 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, citing personal reasons.
Williams has now formally resigned from his role after less than a year and a half with the team.

“It is with great regret that I tender my resignation as Defensive Coordinator of the Chicago Bears Football Club, effective immediately,” Williams stated in a statement released on Wednesday. “I’m taking a step back to focus on my health and family.”

Williams got his first NFL coaching position in 2001.
Williams got his first NFL coaching position in 2001.

“I was honored to be able to work with the Chicago Bears, a storied NFL franchise with a rich history.” The McCaskey family [the Bears’ owners] is first-rate and unparalleled. I’d also want to thank Coach Matt Eberflus and General Manager Ryan Poles for allowing me to come to Chicago.”

Williams was hired by the Bears in February 2022 and has more than three decades of coaching experience. He was a member of the Indianapolis Colts’ coaching staff that won Super Bowl XLII in 2007.

Williams stated in his statement that he would like to coach again in the future.

Eberflus will continue to call the defense for now.
Eberflus will continue to call the defense for now.

“I value the NFL shield and all that it stands for,” he stated. “I intend to return to coaching after taking some time to address my health.”

Matt Eberflus, the Bears’ head coach, would not comment on the subject, telling reporters that he did not have “any update.”

Eberflus, 53, took over defensive play-calling responsibilities against the Buccaneers on Sunday and wants to do so again when the Bears travel to Kansas City to face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend.

From 2018 through 2021, Eberflus was the Colts’ defensive coordinator, with Williams serving as the safeties coach during his second stint in Indianapolis.

And Eberflus feels the Bears will be OK without a defensive coordinator for the time being: “I think with the experience that we have on defense, I don’t think that’s an issue.”

The Bears have had a tough start to the season, going 0-2 thus far, with criticism usually leveled at quarterback Justin Fields, wide receiver Chase Claypool, and Eberflus.

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Fields has also openly said that he does not agree with the Bears’ coaching staff. When asked what was driving him to overthink during games and provide what he calls “robotic” performances, he stated it “could be coaching.”

The Bears were defeated for the 12th time in a row on Sunday, extending their losing streak to October 2022. They will be anxious to stop the NFL’s longest streak, but they will face a difficult assignment against the reigning champion on Sunday.


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