Brian Daboll Discusses Sideline Interaction Involving Daniel Jones

After a game-winning, full-field pick-six on Monday night, cameras recorded Giants coach Brian Daboll chatting with quarterback Daniel Jones as he walked off the field. Daboll was then observed handing Jones a photograph on a tablet before discarding it with a spin as he walked away.
Daboll was attempting to show Jones something on the tablet.
“I was trying to show him — kind of see what he thought and then kind of tell him what I saw,” Daboll said to reporters.
What was expected to happen on the play that resulted in a score traveling the opposite way?
“Yeah, I’m not gonna get into the particulars of it,” Daboll said. “Just, we didn’t get the job done.”

The specifics seem to be self-evident. Tight end Darren Waller was wide open in the end zone. Instead, Jones passed it to a different player. Devon Witherspoon of the Seattle Seahawks jumped the route.
In Jones’ defense, how could he have seen Waller? Jones was not meant to see anybody. Throughout Monday night’s game, he was under continual duress. He had no opportunity to confidently set up and locate a receiver. Ever.
It’s astonishing they were in position to score a touchdown at all. It occurred mostly because, when everything else failed (and everything else did fail), Jones ran with the ball.
When things go right, quarterbacks receive the credit. When things go wrong, they are held accountable. Things went wrong last night because the Giants’ offensive line was Swiss cheese. Without the cheese, of course.

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