Geno Smith Criticizes ‘Dirty Play’ by Giants Linebacker That Led to QB’s Knee Injury

Geno Smith rips 'dirty play' by Giants LB that injured QB's knee
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J — After a controversial tackle along the sideline by New York Giants linebacker Isaiah Simmons, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith walked off the field and missed two series late in the first half Monday night.
Smith suffered a knee injury during the game. He stayed in the game for one more play before heading to the medical tent.
“A shady maneuver. “Dirty play,” Smith said after returning for the second half of Seattle’s 24-3 triumph. “You can see it.” It was a shady maneuver. It has no place in this sport, and hopefully something happens, but other than that, God’s grace has enabled me to return to this game, and I’m glad to be back out there.”
Geno Smith rips 'dirty play' by Giants LB that injured QB's knee

Geno Smith rips ‘dirty play’ by Giants LB that injured QB’s knee
Smith expressed his disgust right away. When he returned to the game in the third quarter, he was called for taunting.
Despite the fact that the Seahawks (3-1) were coming off a victory, he was still furious after the game. Smith completed 13 of 20 passes for 110 yards and one score.
“I just don’t respect that type of stuff,” Smith said. “That kind of thing is unnecessary. It’s a tough game out there. We’re all fighting, but there’s no need to take shots at men on the sideline who are running out of bounds.”
Smith seemed to be a little restricted upon his comeback, moving gently on the knee. But he claims it isn’t something serious.
“I’m all right. I’m perfectly fine. “God is good,” he said.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll seemed to be more upset with how Smith was brought down than with where he was put down. The incident happened along the Giants’ sideline after Smith’s ball was knocked back to him.
On the play, it was really a minus-2 yard catch.
“That looked really dangerous,” Carroll remarked. “I’m not sure why we didn’t view it differently. It simply seemed to be really unsafe. The whole impact of a horse-collar tackle occurred, with the swing of the body pulling down the rear of the legs, and he was injured on that play. A penalty would not have changed things, but it seemed to be such a risky play that it merited a second look.”
The Giants were not pleased with the hit. They assumed it was clean.
Simmons claims he was only attempting to make a tackle. Smith was sprinting after receiving his own pass.
“I don’t have much to say about it,” Simmons said. “We’re having a football game. He’s upset because he was hit? When most quarterbacks don’t want to get hit, what do they do? They plummet. I’m not sure what more to say to him about it.”
Simmons maintains that the tackle was clean and that he began in bounds.
“No one is trying to hurt anyone out there.” You know what I mean? I want everyone to be amazing. Nobody is purposefully attempting to harm anybody, therefore I would despise anyone attempting to harm me,” Simmons remarked. “None of it was on purpose. We’re simply trying to win by playing hard.”
Smith first believed the controversial tackle was made by safety Xavier McKinney. Later in the series, the two exchanged words on the field.
McKinney seems unconcerned by the play thereafter.
“I’m not sure. “I really don’t care to be honest about what he’s saying or doing,” McKinney said. “It doesn’t really matter.”
“Yeah, I thought the hit was fine.” He laughed. “He’ll be all right.”

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