Giants’ John Michael Schmitz and Daniel Bellinger Injured in ‘Tush Push’ Play

Two Giants players injured in failed 'tush-push' play
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J– The New York Giants not only failed with the “tush push,” but they also injured two players on the play in the first quarter Monday night. Rookie center John Michael Schmitz and tight end Daniel Bellinger departed MetLife Stadium’s 24-3 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks and did not return.
Schmitz has a shoulder issue, while Bellinger has a knee problem. They will be subjected to more examinations on Tuesday to establish the severity of their injuries.
“Yeah, both guys got hurt on that play,” coach Brian Daboll said of the Giants’ first drive, a fourth-and-1 rush attempt.
Daboll also admitted that the Giants had not recently rehearsed it live.
Two Giants players injured in failed 'tush-push' play
Two Giants players injured in failed ‘tush-push’ play
“You walk through it,” he instructed. “It’s not a live practice rep. We’ve had some success with it. “Only not on that one.”
The Giants called a play at the Seattle 27-yard line that the Philadelphia Eagles seem to have mastered. It has also been dubbed the “brotherly shove.” The quarterback creeps forward in a short-yardage scenario and is supported by a shove from behind by the backfield players.
In the backfield, New York featured offensive lineman Mark Glowinski and Shane Lemieux flanking running back Matt Breida. Daniel Jones, the quarterback, took the snap and was shoved forward. Seattle, led by middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, stuffed the Giants at the point of attack, resulting in a turnover on downs.
“We’ve been successful with it,” Daboll remarked. “They did an excellent job of putting a stop to it. “I got some penetration, built a wall, and eventually stopped the play.”

It was the start of another miserable night for the Giants. For the second time in as many home games, they failed to score a touchdown.
Daboll didn’t appear to second-guess his decision to employ the “tush push” instead of a different play or a field goal try after the event.
“Just felt that was the right thing to do,” he explained. “Once again, those are topics we discuss throughout the week.” We discussed it on the journey where we were. I was at ease with my choice. “I felt at ease with the game.”
Last season, Jones and the Giants ran a variation of the play and were effective at times. But not this time, when they just can’t do anything offensively right thus early in the season.
Of course, this was hardly the only expensive play. Jones fumbled on the following drive and threw two interceptions, one of which was recovered 97 yards for a game-changing score in the third quarter by rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon, and the Giants were sacked 11 times.
“I mean, obviously, I didn’t play well enough,” Jones said. “It was unacceptable, and I let the team down, so I have to make it right.” I need to work hard to get it right, and I intend to do so.”

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