Our story

If as a child, we always wanted to have a separate bedroom, where we could freely decorate to express our personality. You can hang pictures of idols on the wall, or stickers, statues… And when we grow up, we know that’s personalization. And at superhyp.com, we’ll provide products that help you fulfill that personalized hobby.

Personalization is not only to express personality, but it also really becomes a highlight, a makeover. Imagine, you go into a room with only white painted walls and a few minimalist furniture, everything is boring. But you just need to add a cute dog rug, or a canvas printed with a majestic waterfall, and the room will come to life.

Who are we?

We are 3 young girls with passion for online sales. We got to know each other at an e-commerce event, when the three of us talked to each other and knew we had the same interests. And we decided together to set up a business superhyp.com and rent an office at 1008 Western Ave, Seattle, WA, 98104 US. At first, we sold handmade products imported from Vietnam and China on e-commerce platforms.

We later decided to sell home decoration products. We started to research and learn about the home decoration market. We see it as an area with great potential, especially in this day and age when many people tend to focus on their living space.

With our experience and enthusiasm, we have embarked on the design and production of unique and beautiful home decoration products. We focus on using eco-friendly materials and put the quality of the design first.

What we sell

The main products of our business include bedding set, carpet and canvas. With unique designs and individual styles, we aim to give our customers a wide and varied choice to decorate their living space.

Bedding set is made of high-quality materials with many colors and textures to suit many different decorating styles. Carpets are diversely designed with soft materials and protect your floor. Decorative canvas is printed vividly with many designs to suit any space in the house.


Address: 37120 Maple St, Fremont, CA, 94536 US

Email: [email protected]